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Who's leading Your Business? 

Conquer the “Monstrous” Challenges of Vision, Values, Processes, and More

Who's Leading Your Business Monsters Cover

by Liz Parker

Who's Leading your business Book Cover

Every Business Leader deals with "Monstrous" issues, but identifying those issues and knowing how to prioritize is something that all leaders have to figure out.

Liz Parker lays out the formula for results in her new book,

"Who's Leading Your Business?"

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"Who's Leading Your Business?"

Liz Parker, Consultant, LT Results

About Liz Parker

Liz Parker is a driven strategic business consultant, and gifted facilitator focused on connecting and building partnerships with her clients to help their companies grow and succeed. For more than twenty-four years, hundreds of thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and influential power of Liz’s consulting business, LT Results. She's been called upon to consult and coach top CEOs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Liz helps leaders at all levels and across all industries become more self-aware to uncover the hidden potential in themselves and their businesses. Who's Leading Your Business: Conquer the “Monstrous” Challenges of Vision, Values, Processes, and More" came out of a desire to help even more business leaders uncover the monsters that are pulling resources, wreaking havoc, and keeping their businesses on track for the kind of growth they desire. 

About the Illustrator

Cole Tucker is a gifted artist based out of Oregon. His approach to each theme and topic in the book was thoughtfully designed to further communicate

the issues involved in leading your own business.

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