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About LT Results

Finding someone you can trust to deliver results in consulting is a challenge. Your inbox is probably bombarded with consultants claiming they possess the answer to all your issues. I have worked with many frustrated clients who fell for the flashiest consultant, the quick fix, or the cheapest solution, only to end up with frustrated leadership, stalled growth, and very little, if any, return on investment.


I recognize the challenges you face because I saw this issue firsthand while working at the world’s largest logistics solutions company, DHL. While working at the Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hong Kong, I worked with country business leaders on a variety of topics. Our time together was so successful that I realized I could help more companies solve deeper issues and began reaching out with my own firm– LT Consultants in 1997.

I have identified key issues that companies faced at each stage of growth and have developed proven methods to help CEOs, other C-suite executives, and leadership teams refocus and develop successful pathways forward, so much so, that I've rebranded my company as LT Results and operate under that name today.

You don’t have to “hope” that our processes will work for you because our core methods are proven, and we adjust our approach based on your company’s unique needs, saving YOU time and delivering great results.

Let’s talk. Click the link to set up a quick call for you to share the challenges your organization is facing and how we can create a pathway forward.

Liz Parker, LT Results
  • ​TTI, Target Training International®

  • CPBA – Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst

  • CPMA – Certified Professional Motivators Analyst

  • CPHDA – Certified Professional HD (acumen) Analyst

  • LIM Ltd.® - Certified Learning Coach

  • Inside Out® and BMW - Certified Coach and Instructor

  • PPS International® and SyNet – Consultancy Consortium

Membership Organizations
  • Vistage International Speaker

  • Association of Consultancy Expertise (ACE)

  • International Association of Professional Business Consultants (IAPO)

  • Society of Professional Consultants (SPC)

  • Honorary Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts USA

 What people are saying...

Cedric Bryant
Janet Jones
“Liz is supremely talented at uncovering whatever might be the root problem and facilitating creative solutions. She has made remarkable use of her many gifts and has left an indelible mark on me and our entire organization.”

— Cedric X. Bryant, PhD

“Prospective clients should know that Liz is fearless about getting to the bottom of things. Her questions are tough, yet she’s warm and disarming. I’ve seen incredibly creative problem-solving result from it.”

— Chuck Wolfe, CEO 

“Liz is one of the few people in my work life who is willing to tell me the truth. She pushes me, and that makes her a real ally.”

— Janet Jones, Chief Operating Officer

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